Najava: Mastercard to the Moon konferencija! (PR)


Ovog vikenda nas očekuje Mastercard the to Moon konferencija. Pružili smo priliku organizatorima da sami najave događaj.

Jožko Križan, marketing manager (Sloski):

As organizers of major sports events, we always feel compelled to experiment with innovation and offer sports fans something new and thrilling. In 2022, we released our first Planica NFT collection, a limited and exclusive series of unique hand-drawn portraits of the world’s best ski jumpers by the talented illustrator Mitja Bokun. Through the auction, we raised 37.060,62 USDTs, making it the first-ever NFT auction in the history of winter sports! Planica proved to be the ultimate cradle of innovation. While NFTs are not yet widely adopted, we expect immense interest in the Planica NFT collection 2023 from ski jumping and NFT enthusiasts alike, especially since the NFT market is recovering. That’s why we organized the Mastercard 255 to the Moon conference, to showcase the value of advanced technologies to the public in our region. We’re feeling the momentum rising and believe that this is an excellent means of promoting the event and Slovenia as a hotbed of innovation.

Tanja Bivic, program manager (Blockchain Alliance Europe):

Blockchain technology and web3 have entered many industries and found countless use cases. Take Bitcoin, for instance, the OG of blockchain technology, born in 2009. It’s no surprise that cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based wallets are among the most widely adopted, according to the latest Gartner publications. But that’s not all! Distributed autonomous organizations (DAOs) are set to hit mass adoption in the next 5-10 years and the metaverse in the next ten years or so (Source).

The bottom line is that blockchain technology is here to stay and is essential because it’s decentralized. This means that trust is transferred from central authorities to the technology itself. Plus, it can bring transparency, automation, and simplicity to systems, laying the foundation for the consumer-centric web3. In contrast, Web2 still stores consumer data without consent or knowledge; not even the GDPR directive can change that. Web3, on the other hand, returns control over data and assets to the consumer, making it consumer-centric and constantly striving to improve the online experience for businesses and users alike. That’s why many standards and regulations have been implemented to help businesses and users identify online, secure data exchange, and digitize aspects of business that were not previously possible. I am confident that we are laying the foundation for all future interactions! They must be mindful of user privacy and security in online transactions and apply innovative tech solutions. Members of BAE are paving the way for what’s to come, and I am proud to be part of this exciting movement.

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