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Mastercard 255 to the Moon – Intertwining of ski jumping spectacle and blockchain
technology in Planica, Slovenia The iconic Planica, Slovenian glacial valley, has already provided a real skiing spectacle this year. The incredible performances of our eagles, the new world champion in ski jumping and the exceptional performances of other athletes are what makes Planica thefoundation of Slovenian pride.

Planica shines the most during the finals of the Ski Jumping World Cup. It represents the
love of Slovenians for sports and athletes. But Planica is not only a national symbol and avenue for competitions, but also a venue for many interactions. This year, the organizers have prepared a very special, two-day international conference on innovative technologies: “Mastercard 255 to the Moon,” which will take place from March 30 to 31. This is not your typical conference, as it represents the first event that combines the adrenaline of the Ski Jumping World Cup and talks about innovative technologies. Think of the intertwining of sports and blockchain technologies – this is the future we are slowly stepping into.

In this years World Cup the limits of the possible will not only be pushed by jumpers, but
also by one of the most innovative and influential voices in the ecosystem of innovative
technologies. We will thus take the World Championship to an even higher level and
continue the tradition of innovation and the desire to change the future, which was started by Stanko Bloudek, the legendary constructor of Planica. At the end of March, Mastercard’s conference will connect the Planica 2023 FIS Ski Jumping World Cup final and a conference on blockchain technology, web3, NFT and metaverse.

The two-day conference will discuss topics including the impact of blockchain on the
financial industry, technological innovations, investment opportunities in Web3, Web3 in
connection with sports, the future of metaverse and the role of NFTs in the creative
economy. In the Government vs. State panel, we will talk about different countries and their involvement in web3. Slovenian Minister of Economy, Tourism and Sport, Matjaž Han, will join us virtually in the conference. We will present Planica NTF 2023 and host distinguished foreign speakers, who will share their knowledge with us. We will be joined by speakers such as Christian Rau, Senior Vice President for Cryptocurrencies and Fintech of companies at Mastercard, Iris Cordoba Mondejar, General Director of Microsoft’s Center for Global Sports Innovation, Luis Pinedo, Head of Product at Bitfinex Pay, Andras Fischer, Head of Innovation Center of OTP Bank – OTP LAB and many others.

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