Government Blockchain Association


Who They Are

Positioned at the forefront of technological innovation, the Government Blockchain Association (GBA) serves as a dynamic nexus, intricately weaving together individuals and organizations with avant-garde solutions grounded in blockchain technology. Their purview extends to resolving the intricate challenges routinely encountered by governmental entities, and they stand as advocates for the adoption of blockchain solutions within the public sector, carefully maintaining a neutral stance regarding specific policy positions.

GBA operates as a pulsating hub where collaboration thrives among its members, forming an alliance that transcends the conventional boundaries between technologists, public policymakers, and application specialists. The organization, through its meticulously structured chapters, working groups, and an expansive membership base, assumes the pivotal role of a catalyst, propelling the development of not just innovative but also commercially viable and socially positive applications of blockchain technology.

Their Mission

As a business league with a distinct dual focus, GBA is committed to advancing the business interests of its members while simultaneously spearheading the creation of ethical and sustainable blockchain solutions and leaders. This ambitious mission unfolds through a tapestry of strategies, encompassing comprehensive educational initiatives, robust certification programs, and the establishment of industry-leading best practices and standards. In doing so, GBA seeks to garner widespread support for the ongoing evolution of blockchain technology, ensuring that it unfolds in a responsible, impactful, and transformative manner across diverse sectors.

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